Ann Lin


Ever dreamed of having a celebrity hairstylist tend to your luscious hair but been too put off by the impression that all of them are arrogant and unapproachable? Ann will completely change that opinion for you from the moment you walk into Athens. Sociable, friendly and extremely thoughtful, regardless of your demographics, Ann ensures that all her clients receive nothing short of a VIP treatment when they’re at Athens. With her humble and approachable nature, you would never guess that Ann styles the hair of international celebrities such as Jay Zhou and Jolin Tsai. With a remarkably impressive portfolio, Ann has also worked on various photo shoots with magazines such as “Her World” and “Female” all of which have contributed to her vast and impressive knowledge when it comes to style and fashion. With over a decade of experience in the styling industry, you can be rest assured that if there’s anyone who knows how to bring out the best beauty and style to suit your personality, it’s Ann Lin.