Daniel Koh


One of Singapore’s youngest and most established entrepreneurs of the modern era. Daniel Koh is the founder of MCK Group and an array of various other businesses in Singapore including Athens Salon. With over a decade of experience and knowledge in the business industry, Daniel strives to uphold all his businesses with the highest standard of services that would tap into and align with the needs of individuals and businesses in Singapore regardless of which industry or social circle they were from.

Despite encountering several obstacles and hurdles, Daniel persevered to turn all his aspirations into a reality. He had to overcome several restrictions and hindrances in order to pursue his dream of building a successful business empire with the highest of qualities and service standards. It was during this crucial period that Daniel’s utilized his vast experiences and wealth of knowledge to implement his methods to push through the barriers. With a never ending pursuit for perfection in all things, coupled with an eternal burning desire to always find new ways to improve, Daniel incorporated the morals and values of his personality into his businesses. Disciplined, always on point, full of grit and never dropping his expectations for a high quality standard of service are a few examples of such values that enabled him to become an exceptionally successful entrepreneur at such a modest age.

It was these factors along with an extraordinarily intelligent business mind and an ability to envision and build forward thinking that led to Daniel achieving his first accolade in 2013 by winning the prestigious Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award for one of his businesses. Winning such an award and recognition only pushed Daniel to raise his standards and quality of service even higher. He believed that if he could achieve such a success, he could achieve greater success with even more hard work. Daniel constantly strived to maintain and upgrade the consistency of his enterprise by regularly evolving his operations, revamping his business guidelines and installing up-to-date technological advances to keep up with the changing demographics of society. It was his excellent methods, ideologies and business acumen that brought about a second prestigious achievement by winning the same Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award again in 2015 and also winning the top honour from SPRING – Singapore’s national standards and accreditation body for the promotion of business excellence.

With a never ending desire to become better and better, for our Chairman Daniel Koh the sky is the limit.