Dash Chong

Retail Manager/
Senior Stylist

Handpicked by Ann to join her styling ventures, Dash is a highly talented hairstylist with an eye for styling and transforming haircuts into a refreshing look. With more than a decade of experience in this industry, Dash has a substantial group of loyal customers who return on a regular basis for his special Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean style haircuts. Patient and thoughtful, Dash always makes it a point to explain to his clients how best to care for their tresses after they’re done with their appointments and also to ensure that he listens to the needs of his clients before giving them the best of what he has to offer. Despite his young age, Dash’s sense of style and hairstyling skills exceeds the level of experience that someone his age ought to have. Having already been approached for several projects, we believe that Dash has all the potential it takes to become an established celebrity stylist in the future.