Denny Lim

Operations Manager

Denny has been in the salon industry since 2010, experiencing and gaining the knowledge of how various aspects of the business functions. Having started out in guest relations, Denny’s hard work led to him gaining the elevation to the management level. Denny has an eternal desire and is extremely passionate in wanting to further his career, his family and himself to the pinnacle of the possibilities that exist for him. To him, work is never just simply a routine, but rather a passion that he strives to excel in every day in everything that he is entrusted in fulfilling. Bridging a special bond with all his staff and colleagues, Denny has successfully built a long track record of ensuring that all the operations under him are executed with nothing short of perfection and efficiency. He prioritizes customer satisfaction at a very high level and constantly ensures that the business rakes in increasing profits. With a strong personality that carries leadership and inspiration, Denny leads by example and guides all the operations and personnel under him towards maintaining an exceptional organizational standard and policy.