Phyllis Lee

Senior Stylist & Make-Up Artist

Phyllis believes that each hairstyle carries the significance of an emotion that an individual may be feeling. With a strong belief in the “hair talks” philosophy, Phyllis has been experimenting with hairstyles since young to find several images that suit various emotions. In addition to being a skilled hair stylist, she also has the exquisite talent of being a certified make-up artiste. Regardless of what look you have in mind, you can be assured that Phyllis will be one of the few people who will have the ability to bring out every last stroke of beauty in you in both your tresses and your features with her skills in beautifying and her meticulousness to detail. Having worked in various salons in Singapore for more than 8 years, Phyllis has perfected the art of establishing good customer relations. If you ever have any enquiries or curiosities relating to hairstyling or make-up, feel free to approach Phyllis and she’ll be more than glad to listen to you and offer her best advice with a smile.